The contemporary music maker: Chinese New Year Fusion Assembly

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The contemporary music maker: Chinese New Year Fusion Assembly by Mind Map: The contemporary music maker: Chinese New Year Fusion Assembly

1. Developing an Artistic Vision

1.1. Creating a Fusion performance for a Chinese New year Assembly

1.2. A recital performance of original music performed by DP Music students and student performers in Chinese instruments

2. Planning the Project

2.1. Composing material

2.1.1. Incorporation of motifs, gesture and stylistic conventions into original work

2.2. Musicians

2.2.1. 1. Undertaking an audit of performers int he school whose primary instrument is a Chinese traditional instrument or who have a Chinese Traditional Instrument as a second instrument.

2.2.2. 2. Reaching out to the neighbouring school (who has a large Chinese Music Department and Ensemble) to elicit possible collaborators. Perhaps other DP music students?

2.2.3. 3. Determining instrumental forces and levels of competency.

2.3. Rehearsals

2.3.1. Organizing suitable times

2.3.2. Ensuring that the project enables enthusiasm and 'buy in'

2.3.3. Adjusting based on feedback

3. Collaboration

3.1. Creating the Material

3.2. Performers

3.3. Calendar

3.4. Logistics:

3.4.1. 1. Communication

3.4.2. 2. Technical (lighting, sound)

4. Evidence Collection

4.1. Timeline

4.2. Reflective Journal

4.2.1. Sketches

4.2.2. Reserach

4.2.3. Annotations

4.2.4. Score evlauation

4.3. Performer Feedback

4.3.1. Questionnaire

4.3.2. Document reactions

4.3.3. Record Rehearslas

4.4. Formal recording of performances

4.5. Communications (emails. text messages)

5. Curating the Final Performance

5.1. Assembly Perfomrance

5.2. Filming the Performance

6. Submisison