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Values by Mind Map: Values

1. Description An integral person is one who always does the right thing; that does everything that it considers good for it without affecting the interests of other people. The word integrity comes from the Latin integrîtas, -ãtis, but the word is derived from the adjective integer. Keep your promises even if it takes extra effort.

1.1. A

2. Meaning and example of integrity

3. Example and meaning of solidarity

3.1. Description In sociology, solidarity refers to the feeling and attitude of unity based on common goals or interests; it is a term that refers to helping without receiving anything in return with the application of what is considered good, and it also refers to the social ties that unite the members of a society with each other. An example of solidarity is a protest with a clear goal.

4. Example and meaning of responsibility

5. Responsibility mean that if you have a thing that your friend give you and say save it pleas now you have a responsibility of this thing

6. Solidarity

7. Responsibility

8. Integrity