Bezels Design of the year 2019

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Bezels Design of the year 2019 by Mind Map: Bezels Design of the year 2019

1. Products

1.1. Health related

1.2. Safety improvement

1.3. convenient

1.4. Simple solutions

1.5. Affordable

1.6. High demand

1.7. Environmentally friendly

1.8. Recyclable

1.9. Renewable

1.10. Waste Free

1.11. Locally made Eg. Less emissions

1.12. Design for Police

1.13. Not accessed by public, but to keep the public safe . eg. speed meter

1.14. can a product be enviormentally friendly but still be effective?

1.15. Is there a simple design that can solve many problems. Something that is not that complex but still has a large impact.

2. Transport

2.1. eco friendly

2.2. high speed

2.3. renewable

2.4. electric

2.5. magnetic rails

2.6. space efficient

2.7. no emissions

2.8. smart driving

2.9. self driving

2.10. fuel efficient

2.11. advanced guide system

2.12. safe

2.13. traffic related products

2.14. health and well being promoting Eg. Bike

2.15. Self driving vehicles with a way of giving a job instead of just taking a job away.

2.16. A cheap way of transport that all could access. This would mean that homeless or more venerable people could travel, thus allowing more opportunities for them (eg. Getting to and from a certain job...etc.)

3. Architecture

3.1. post war re-construction

3.2. apps

3.3. shelter

3.4. refugee housing

3.5. eco friendly

3.6. light

3.7. cheap

3.8. affordable

3.9. vertical housing design

3.10. small housing

3.11. self sustainable

3.12. water supply - water related

3.13. can a certain architecture design make a facility more desirable and attractive to the public?

3.14. can the type of architecture represtent a message or an idea that the designer or building wants to represent?

4. Fashion

4.1. sustainable

4.2. protective

4.3. eco friendly

4.4. political

4.5. comfort

4.6. health related

4.7. physical improvement clothing Eg. helps muscle development

4.8. up cycling

4.9. can a fashion design have a political or personal message with in its design?

4.10. Can a clothing piece make a statement?

4.11. What about clothes for people who can not normally where certain clothes. Eg. disability, body type, restrictions...etc.

5. Digital

5.1. New apps

5.2. New AI systems

5.3. New trouble shooting soloutions

5.4. Modern tech for 3rd world countries

5.5. Health monitoring products

5.6. Better quality screens

5.7. faster internet speeds

5.8. faster load times

5.9. computer and phone in one

5.10. long term battery life

5.11. solar panelled phone battery life

5.12. A possible solution to digital addiction in youth.

5.13. A way of reusing old tech. Recycling the tech in a way that incorporates the old parts into a new product.

6. Graphics

6.1. releastic

6.2. 3d - 4d

6.3. Lighting

6.4. new photography lensens

6.5. lense zooms

6.6. better quality images (4k...)

6.7. new ways of presenting posters and street art

6.8. AI graphics

6.9. A image that can have an impact on society due to its message or statement.

6.10. A magazine portraying messages through pictures.