Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment by Mind Map: Crime and Punishment

1. Sonia was only ill and they have to patient to be together.

2. At the end, Raskolnikov said good-bye to his mother and went to jail. There, Sonia and Raskolnikov had a constant communication. Until one day Sonia didn't visited him, so Raskolnikov got very worried, in that moment he knew how much he loves Sonia.

3. Svidrigailov tried to convince Dounia that he has changed, but everything goes wrong when Svidrigailov attempted to rape Dounia and she misses a shot. After that, Svidrigailov kills himself on the street.

4. As Raskolnikov promised, he went to Porfiry's house and tells the whole true about the murder. Porfiry gives him two days.

5. Suddenly, Lebeziatnokov comes in and tells Sonia that his mother had gone mad. Katerina was on the street ordering the children to dance and sing. Katerina fell down and died.

6. Sonia promises Raskolnikov that she will follow him anywhere while Svidrigailov listens to the conversation.

7. Raskolnikov confesses to Sonia that he is the true author of the crime, she asks him to surrender to the authorities.

8. Luzhin thought that his plan will work out but his friend who had been there too confess that everything has been a Luzhin's plan.

9. Luzhin calls Sonia and gives her some money for her family, but cheats on her by putting more money in her pocket and then blaming her for being a thief.

10. Raskolnikov visits Porfiry, the person in charge of the murder case. A man named Nicolay appears and pleads guilty to the crime, surprising everyone in the room.

11. Raskolnikov visits Sonia and promises to tell her who committed the murder.

12. Raskolnikov's family realizes the kind of person Luzhin is.

13. Porfiry

14. Nicolay

15. Luzhin

16. Sonia

17. Raskolninov

18. Story events

19. Characters

20. Svidrigailov

21. Katerina

22. Time

23. Space

24. Saint Petersburg - Russia

25. Crime and Punishment events take place at points in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.

26. The story is set in the second half of the 19th century

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