Art Displays on East campus

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Art Displays on East campus by Mind Map: Art Displays on East campus

1. There are different forms and functions for displays

1.1. Different forms

1.1.1. Program exhibitions MYP shows went ahead 2014-15 Activism Charcoal eyes Bird sculpture show coming soon Grade 8 Box sculpture Skull exhibition (science block) PT and other high vis events Requirements for displays Panels Cows Spaces High School DP show Grade 11 HS combined show IGCSE show FIB show PT and other high vis events High Vis events Policy on Dpt displaying of work done in programs Draft Policy:All students will be involved in program displays and must be at displayable standard in the show. Creating the various shows is shared work and should be set up with a full commitment of effort from all teachers who teach in the respective program being displayed. This is not extra work it is an expectation of being an art teacher. It is not the tech's job, they do play a significant role but do not bear responsibility - this lies with the teachers. Classrooms and corridors in the art dept are to be kept to a high display standard at all times. There are exceptions when shows are being mounted or pulled down. Signage should be prominent to display what is happening. It is everyones shared responsibility not to walk past work work that needs straightening or removed and given to the appropriate teacher or to the tech to re-hang. Primary School to be unpacked yet Arts festival? Grade level shows? PT and other high vis events

1.1.2. Celebration exhibitions Requirements Panels Cows

1.1.3. Semi Permanent Requirements Semi permanent fixing to surface Wall space - dedicate to art displays hanging system

1.1.4. Fun and educational

1.1.5. Collaborate with other sectors or subjects

1.1.6. Public places New Gallery cafe Car park gallery locate others/walk around with Principals Simon has agreed in principle to turn our best artwork into giant stickers

1.1.7. Temporary displays art foyer white walls with down light above at regular intervals or track lighting floor to ceiling enclave to hide other work and items for the gallery school environment permanent display cases and boards in line with whole school design gallery more information needed Display herd (movable cubicles that can be wheeled all over the college Lighting (track) - moveable and fixed in permanent display areas Hanging tracks - commercial ones available

1.1.8. Artist In Residence installations Niran AIR artwork should be displayed together Picture of one Fish Location? Pictures

1.2. Digital

1.2.1. film students

1.2.2. projected artwork

2. Some issues and solutions

2.1. One would think there would be lots of work left from last years DP Show - in fact there were about 6-8 displayable pieces currently on the walls in the art rooms as educational tools

2.1.1. solutions look for IT means of making large stickers of the best work print more posters of work each year have a purchasing scheme buy some work we want ask students to donate a piece each

2.2. Ownership of wall space - must be dedicated to artwork and not coveted by others

2.2.1. solutions walk around with Principals and designate wall spaces Keren Nick Mick

2.3. The surface the work needs to hang on is often not sympathetic to the hanging of work.

2.3.1. solutions use more frames - particularly for ugly work design some walls that look like they are gallery standard in key areas

2.4. Man power deficit

2.4.1. solutions create a plan for the preparation of spaces - have installed by facilities Art tech can oversea once everything is in place we need a good tech we can rely on

3. Map from May 2015 PD day with some work already done