Digital Health and Wellness

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Digital Health and Wellness by Mind Map: Digital Health and Wellness

1. Computer Unhealthiness

1.1. Staring at screen too long

1.2. Not blinking

1.3. Use enough lighting

1.4. Have good posture when on the computer

1.5. Have a 20 minute break for every hour on the computer

1.6. Be the right distance away from the computer screen

1.7. Hold the mouse lightly

2. Computer Addiction

2.1. Using computer too much

2.2. Sleeping with iPhone under pillow

2.3. Playing video games instead of doing homework.

2.4. Looking only at the computer screen can effect you eye sight

3. Consequences from Computer Addiction

3.1. Lack of sleep

3.1.1. in order to spend more time on the computer

3.2. Lack of Vitamin D

3.3. Obesity

3.4. School grades slipping

3.5. Being angry when away from computer

3.6. Loss of friends

3.6.1. Virtual friends replacing real ones

3.7. Feeling sick

4. Digital Security

4.1. Social Networks

4.1.1. Keeping a strong private account

4.1.2. Don't give out details about where you live

4.1.3. Don't use your real name for your username

4.1.4. Never give personal advice to strangers

4.1.5. Never post real photos of your self with evidence of where you live

4.1.6. Never arrange meetings with online friends

4.1.7. Always get to know people before declaring them friends.

4.1.8. Don't reply to emails from people you don't know

4.2. Passwords

4.2.1. Keep your password secret

4.2.2. Use a mix of letters and numbers in your password

4.2.3. Don't make your password something obvious