AppThemes ClassiPress Mastery

AppThemes ClassiPress Mastery Mind Map: The Premium WordPress Theme for Classified Ads Website. Get the ultimate classified ads business application that run on easy WordPress platform.

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AppThemes ClassiPress Mastery by Mind Map: AppThemes ClassiPress Mastery

1. ClassiPress Websites

1.1. AppThemes Official Showcase

1.1.1. Successfully being used by thousands of customers in 25+ different languages all around the world.

1.1.2. AppThemes are designed and built to be easily used by anyone. As you can see from our customer list below, there are lots of creative people who have taken AppThemes to new levels.

1.1.3. Our customer base continues to grow steadily each month which in turn helps the community thrive. It’s really amazing what some customers have done with their sites and we wanted to share a handful of them with you. From used cars, baby gear, real estate, job postings, business directories, to general classified ads, AppThemes can handle just about anything!

1.1.4. ClassiPress Websites

1.1.5. AppThemes Release Status

1.2. Developing Your Site In Stages

1.2.1. Level 1 Complete Rural Missourians Sell Trade n Buy The Bahamian List Manchester 4 You iMovies Commercias Online Sioux Falls

1.2.2. Level 2 Building Kuala Lumpur Travel Classifieds Bargain Gigs Novancia Business School Paris Post Panda

1.2.3. Level 3 Progress 123 Malaysia Lynchburg List Isle of Wight Classifieds

1.2.4. Level 4 Advance Vancouver Free Classified Ads Post Free Classified Ads Vendo Apple Online Shopping Philippines Anunciaaki Portugal Classifieds

1.2.5. Level 5 Power Clasifichados Tuff Classified Cebu’s Online Car Finder Vacation Rentals

1.3. Niche Marketing

1.3.1. Travel Countries Malaysia France USA

1.3.2. Countries Canada Cities Country Finland Cities Country India Cities Country Indonesia Regions Country Malaysia Country Philippines Cities Country Saudi Arabia Cities Country USA States Holland Cities Country

1.3.3. Microjobs Bargain Gigs

1.3.4. Kids The Kiddo Shop

1.3.5. Pets Canada's Pet Classifieds

1.3.6. Real Estate Realty Dime Real Estate in Quebec

1.3.7. Automotives AgoraeMais

1.3.8. Horses Wild Med Hest

1.3.9. Dentists Dental Ads: The Dental Classifieds

1.4. Notable Concepts

1.4.1. Using Subdirectories 123 Malaysia

1.4.2. Impressive Customization Anunciaaki Portugal Classifieds

2. Customization

2.1. Child Theme

2.1.1. Getting Started Forum Post WordPress Child Theme: Basic Resources To Get Started Plugin One-Click Child Theme

2.2. Action Hooks

2.3. General

2.3.1. Appearnace Favicon Favicon site Slider Parallax Hotspot Slider

2.3.2. Language Google Translate

2.4. Developers

2.4.1. AppThemes Official Site Customising Themes AppThemes API Theme Architecture WordPress Theme Coding Standards

2.5. Service Providers

2.5.1. Grid Mod and Child Theme Grid Mod Creating grid format ad listings Portfolio

2.5.2. Sethmatics Custom WordPress Hosting and Website Development

2.5.3. ClassiPro

3. Social

3.1. General

3.1.1. Social Sharing Social Sharing Buttons How To Add Social Sharing Buttons to ClassiPress Web Sites Add a Google Plus One Button to Your Theme How To Add Facebook Like Floating Sliding Bar at The Side

3.2. Facebook

3.2.1. Facebook Pages Facebook Pages Mastery

3.2.2. Resources UniSuccess Facebook Blog Mari Smith: Facebook Marketing Expert

3.3. Google+

3.3.1. Add a Google Plus One Button to Your Theme

4. SEO

4.1. On Page Optimization

4.1.1. Content Thin content Google penalty for thin content

4.1.2. WordPress Plugins Wordpress SEO Plugin by Yoast,

4.2. Off Page Optimization

4.2.1. Backlinks RSS RSS Feedburner

5. Resources

5.1. Online Advertising

5.1.1. Online Classified Ads Mind Maps Online Classified Ads List

5.1.2. New node

5.2. Blogs

5.2.1. AppThemes Official Blog

5.2.2. UniSuccess AppThemes Blog

5.2.3. Sethmatics


5.3. Forum Marketing

5.3.1. Forums AppThemes Official Forum

5.3.2. Mind Maps Forum Marketing Maverick

5.4. Article Marketing

5.4.1. Mind Maps The Mind Map for Multiply The One Article For Maximum Leverage The Mind Map for Article Marketing Mastery Blueprint The Mind Map for Article Video Robot: Convert Articles to Videos in 15 Minutes

5.5. Search Engine Optimization

5.5.1. Mind Maps The Mind Map for Search Engine Optimization: Get Top Search Engine Ranking The Mind Map for OnlyWire Automated Content & Bookmark Distribution.1 Click To 38 Social Sites for Backlinks & Traffic The Mind Map for The SuperSelf Productivity Booster To build 38 Backlinks From Top Social Sites With 1 Click

5.6. Micro Niche

5.6.1. Mind Maps The Mind Map for Micro Niche Strategy

6. Website

6.1. Navigation

6.1.1. Menu Adding New Tab To The Top Navigation Menu of AppThemes Premium WordPress Theme Site Some subcategories are not shown in drop menu Hide Subcategories

6.2. WordPress Plugins

6.2.1. SEO Wordpress SEO Plugin by Yoast,

6.2.2. General Working plugins in Wordpress 3.3.1 and Classipress 3.1.6

6.2.3. Paid Plugins ClassiPro by Rubencio

6.3. Ad Category

6.3.1. Getting Started How To Format the Ad Category of The ClassiPress WordPress Premium Classified Theme Forum Post Blog Post

6.3.2. Import and Export Bulk Add Categories

6.3.3. Customization Adding Category Icons

6.4. Single Ad Listing

6.4.1. Side Bar Modification To Side Bar of ClassiPress Single Ad Page: Change Map Tab to Contact Tab

6.4.2. Modification Search Search by City and States Slider Modified Example

6.5. Custom Fields

6.5.1. New node How To Change The State Field With US States to Your Country States

6.6. Form Layouts

6.7. Settinngs

6.7.1. General

6.7.2. General Settings Category Options How to Control The Options of Posting of Classified Ads to the Level of Category That The Poster Can Choose Google Map Settings Google Map Error Due To The Street Field Entry of the ClassiPress Premium WordPress Theme How To Change The ClassiPress Default Google Map That Loads The US New York Map to Your Preferred Country Map Home Page Category Options Menu Category Options

6.7.3. Listings Classified Ads Configuration How to Control The Options of Posting of Classified Ads to the Level of Category That The Poster Can Choose

6.8. Hosting

6.8.1. General Window Hosting Provider using Microsoft-IIS/6.0 Windows hosting provider is using Microsoft-IIS/6.0 which does not have the mod rewrite capability that WordPress and ClassiPress require.

6.9. Pages

6.9.1. Default Pages the WordPress->Pages they should be all published WordPress->settings->advanced->Global Path Variables they should point to the name of the pages .

6.9.2. Home Page Customization ClassiPress Home Page Template Tutorial

6.10. Security

6.10.1. Backup Exporting Your ClassiPress Site Content To Avoid Unfortunate Disaster of Loss Content

6.10.2. Spam

6.11. Widgets

6.11.1. WordPress Widgets

6.11.2. Adding WordPress Widgets and removing search bar

6.11.3. This is the instruction for adding banners to the CP 125x125 Ad

7. Affiliates

7.1. AppThemes Official Site

7.1.1. AppThemes Affiliates

7.2. Marketing

7.2.1. Web Banners

7.3. Join as Affiliate

7.3.1. Find Out More

8. Business

8.1. Monetization

8.1.1. Ad Listing Packages Paid Membership Paid Memberships-Unlimited Postings and Featured Ads Upgrade

8.1.2. Advertising AdSense Classified Sites with AdSense Banner Ads

8.1.3. Affiliate Marketing AppThemes affiliates Internet Marketing Affiliates

8.2. Marketing

8.2.1. Advertising Get Me 100 Ad Listings Get Me 100 Facebook Group Branding and Marketing Banners Adding Banners You can upload a header banner of any height with the width of 940px to suit your needs. A simple way to add a banner at the bottom may be just add the banner codes to the footer. Advertising Methods How to get more advertisers to your site

9. AppThemes ClassiPress Theme

9.1. Learn More