Physical Architecture Layer Design

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Physical Architecture Layer Design by Mind Map: Physical Architecture Layer Design

1. Elements of the physical architecture layer

1.1. Architectural Components

1.2. Server Based Architecture

1.3. Client Based Architecture

1.4. Client Server Architecture

1.5. Client Server Tiers

1.6. Selecting a Physical Architecture

1.6.1. Cost of Infrastructure

1.6.2. Cost of Development

1.6.3. Ease of development

1.6.4. Interface capabilities

1.6.5. Control and security

2. Cloud Computing

2.1. Treat IT as a commodity or utility

2.2. The "cloud"

2.2.1. Data Center, internal, external

2.2.2. Service provide by a vendor


3.1. Smartphones and tablets may have many different apps that provide all types of computing and communication support

3.2. Enchanted objects and specialized devices

4. Green IT

4.1. Anything that reduces the environmental impact of IT

4.2. Cloud computing may help to reduce energy consumption and improve the viability of the paperless office

5. Infrastructure Design

5.1. Change or improve the existing infrastructure

5.2. Coordination is difficult, but knowledge of elements is essential

5.2.1. Deployment Diagram

5.2.2. Network Model

6. Nonfunctional Requirements

6.1. Security

6.2. Performance

6.3. Operational

6.4. Cultural & political influence

6.5. Legal implications