Adjective structures

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Adjective structures by Mind Map: Adjective structures

1. Adjective + to-infinitive

2. Adjective +for + object + to-infinitive

3. Adjective + prepositions

4. It's difficult to understand. I find it hard to imagine.

5. It's easy for you to talk.

6. I'm fed up with TV. I'm useless at sport. What are you interested in?


8. EXERCISE: complete these sentences with prepositions. You can use each preposition only once.

9. about at for in of on to with a) Were there any school subjects you were particularly hopeless __ ? b) If you could be famous, what would you like to be famous __ ? c) What sort of music are you keen __ ? d) Which insects or animals (or people!) are you afraid __ ? e) Is there anything you're allergic __ ? f) What kind of sports are you interested __ ? g) Who was the last person you got angry __ ? h) Is there anything you are particularly optimistic or pessimistic __ ?