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cyberpreneurship by Mind Map: cyberpreneurship

1. sources of enterpreneur ideas

1.1. primary sources

1.2. secondary sources

2. characteristics of successful cyberpreneurship

2.1. seeking feedback

2.2. committed

2.3. confidence & optimistic

2.4. drive to achieve

3. approaches to seeking a business idea

3.1. fulfilling needs

3.2. analysis life problem

3.3. diversifying the usage of good

3.4. observing changes in the community

3.5. using the latest technology

3.6. observing and establishing a network

4. types of intelleual property

4.1. copyright

4.2. patent

4.3. trademark

5. digital millennium copyright ACT (DCMA)

5.1. outlines how copyright will bw handled in the digital enviroment

5.2. no digital copies permitted

5.3. briefly addresses university uses