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Eurotas 2019 by Mind Map: Eurotas 2019

1. Science

1.1. Research

1.2. Integrate > recreate > implement

1.3. More empirical research, to bring transpersonal to mainstream and bridge between world’s

1.4. Bridge between science and spirituality

1.5. My own institute

1.6. A study on healings achieved by cancer patients thru holistic approaches

2. Others

2.1. Meet the young ones

2.2. Support the young ones

2.3. Let the young ones drive us

2.4. Join generations

2.5. Join color people and particularly (women for women network)

2.6. Provide support for local migrants

2.7. Permaculture with refugees

2.8. Accompaniment of the individual, celebration of the ‘US’

2.9. Stop looking to enemies, the way is not to be against something, but with something

2.10. Connection and Relations are the musts

2.11. Take car of oldiest

2.12. Old people house visit

2.13. Selfless service

3. Share & Educate

3.1. Communicate

3.2. Share transpersonal views in schools

3.3. Share what we get with online platforms

3.4. Teach understanding and acceptance of differences

3.5. Take place in our children schools

3.6. Talk about great possibilities

3.7. Bringing collective and transpersonal technology to organizations cooperations

3.8. Share knowledge

3.9. Working with schools and youth groups

4. Incarnation

4.1. Love / Spread love

4.2. Connect

4.3. Gratitude

4.4. Send flowers

4.5. Devote more time for reflective

4.6. Crazyness

4.7. Smile

4.8. Forgive

4.9. Dare to connect and meet

4.10. Opened to learn

4.11. Standing up for my truth, expressing it in new forms

4.12. The solution comes with a new relation with yourself, love and forgiveness

5. Planet & Nature

5.1. Never forget the power of the nature!

5.2. Dance and song circles in forests

5.3. Transmit Nature's magic and vitality

5.4. Connection and Relations are the musts

5.5. Be careful not to create negativity by our pessimisme (ie the vision of collapse)

5.6. Be open to the feminine path, let’s open and celebrate the Rise of feminine!

5.7. There is still hope in human if you considere the new initiatives we have been discovering here and the capacity of humans to listen themself and share and create.

5.8. Consume less, generate more

5.9. We all can be spiritual channels to help our clients / the world!

5.10. List and practice little changes in our life to preserve resources and limit garbage

5.11. We have to be more active tomorrow.

5.12. Engagement in eco organizations

6. Feelings

6.1. Joy

6.2. Centered

6.3. Love

6.4. Groundedness

6.5. Transformed

6.6. Wonder full

6.7. Inspiration

6.8. Integration

6.9. Power

6.10. Courage

6.11. Friendship

6.12. Gratitude

6.13. Life

6.14. Resonance

6.15. Fun

6.16. Connectedness

6.17. Hugged

6.18. Abounding

6.19. Openess

6.20. Linked

6.21. Sharing

6.22. Belongness

6.23. Borderline between summer and autumn , external and internal work

6.24. Opening of heart

6.25. Encounter

6.26. Communaute

6.27. Inspired by elders

6.28. Authorized to go deeper

6.29. Trustees

6.30. Questionned

6.31. Together we are stronger.

7. New actions, ressources, materials

7.1. New transe method

7.2. Facebook or other platform membership program

7.3. Update my creativity

7.4. Resources to be less material, give on higher planes

7.5. Hands! and hearts

7.6. Sharing

7.7. Spend time with people and share my love

7.8. Psychomagic acts in outter world = active, healing, co creations, celebrations

7.9. Create song to link people

7.10. Offer places to practice

7.11. Use words, eyes, hands, gesture to seed seeds of Love and Beauty

7.12. Collective technology >group decision making, cooperation process

7.13. More finances for our transpersonal education institute

7.14. Knowledge

7.15. Saving every life I can

7.16. Fundraising community

7.17. Talking to others ago humans as an endgered species

7.18. More "birds talks"

7.19. Open our patient to his universality

7.20. Empower courage

7.21. Buy an autonome house where Nature is king

7.22. Sing and dance

7.23. Songs for kids

7.24. Let the old organizations die, concentrate on the ones who start a true transition

7.25. Use music in therapy

7.26. Share my experience and knowledge in order to help clients, humans, …

7.27. Give for free a course dedicated to therapists motivating to conduct stages or retreats for teenagers and young adults

7.28. Share what have been moving us here with our family, colleagues, clients,…

7.29. Creation of a women facebook group, where to share actions and ideas for the transition. Engagment to show what we have done early 3 months.

7.30. Create & zero zone & moments and spaces in our life’s,… and in congress…