Issues in TESOL

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Issues in TESOL by Mind Map: Issues in TESOL

1. Beginning

1.1. Active Teaching

1.1.1. Students are engaged, are participating, and are collaborating with one another

1.2. Scaffolding Instruction

1.2.1. When teachers build on students' prior knowledge and skills

1.3. Cultural Competence

1.3.1. Interacting effectively with students of different cultures

1.4. Multilevel Instruction

1.4.1. Activities that are designed for every student to make progress

1.5. Culturally Responsive Teaching

1.5.1. Valuing cultural and linguistic backgrounds in order to plan effective instruction

1.6. Differentiated Instruction

1.6.1. When teachers use various approaches to learning/learning strategies

2. Middle

2.1. Four-by-Four Model

2.1.1. Beginning Reading Writing Listening Speaking

2.1.2. Early Intermediate Reading Writing Listening Speaking

2.1.3. Intermediate Reading Writing Listening Speaking

2.1.4. Early Advanced Reading Writing Listening Speaking

3. End

3.1. Hypermedia

3.1.1. Combines on-screen text with pictures

3.1.2. ex. Brainpop

3.2. Hypertext

3.2.1. Text that is no longer linear, but interactive and dynamic

3.2.2. ex. Hyperlinks

3.3. Technological Literacy

3.3.1. Learning using 21st century tools

3.3.2. ex. email, powerpoint

3.4. Electronic Literacy

3.4.1. Interacting with electronic devices

3.4.2. ex. ebooks

3.5. Global Education

3.5.1. Learning about problems that occur in many nations

3.5.2. ex. Pen Pals