Objectives of business

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Objectives of business by Mind Map: Objectives of business

1. Economic objective

1.1. Profit earnings

1.2. Creation of customers

1.3. Regular innovation

1.4. Best use of resources

2. Social objective

2.1. Production and supply of quality goods and services

2.2. Adoption of fair trade practices

2.3. Contribution to general welfare of society

3. human objective

3.1. Economic well being of employees

3.2. Social and psychological satisfaction of employees

3.3. Development of HR

3.4. Well being of socially and economically backward people

4. National objective

4.1. Creation of employment

4.2. Promotion of social justice

4.3. Production according to national priority

4.4. Contribute to revenue of country

4.5. Self sufficiency and export promotion

5. Global objective

5.1. Raise general standard of living

5.2. Reduce disparities amongst nations

5.3. Make available globally competitive goods and services