20191220 Daniela Crisan GT final

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20191220 Daniela Crisan GT final by Mind Map: 20191220 Daniela Crisan GT final


1.1. Outline three 'Thriving in the Knowledge Economy' recommendations for your organisation that you would present to your boss and colleagues based on what you have learned and how you will apply it.

1.2. 1. Keyword

1.2.1. The amount of the information is exponential growing but the knowledge base not proportionally. As Knowledge Workers we should work to increase it

1.3. 2. Keyword

1.3.1. In this hectic world we should learn to focus on a single task one time, because the brain is not multitasking and needs time to focus again

1.4. 3. Keyword

1.4.1. Thinking makes us what we are and we should do it with purpose and clarity, to reform our habbits into practical skills and learn to relax our brain. The night is the time when our brain changes the informations into knowledges and decide to take action accordingly

1.5. Make a list of your colleagues who would benefit from learning what you've learned.

1.5.1. Ruxandra R.Radulescu

1.5.2. Alexandru Eremia

2. BBT

2.1. Attach your workfiles and notes to secure your working materials

2.2. Who we are mind map

2.2.1. We are knowledge Workers

2.3. Day 1 Homework

2.3.1. My happines mind map

2.4. Day 1 review

2.4.1. Mind map principles, Features of Memory

2.5. Day 2 Homework

2.5.1. Golden Triangle

2.6. Day 2 review

2.6.1. Our life is the sum of our memories

2.7. Happiness Mindmap

2.8. Effective reading rate scores

2.8.1. 4,6

2.9. Any additional notes you may want to add for yourself

2.9.1. I need to learn how to work smarter


3.1. What are your key ideas, practices, techniques and skills that you have learned?

3.2. Information Overload

3.3. Multitasking

3.4. Human Brain

3.5. Mind Mapping

3.6. Memory

3.7. Focus

3.8. Effective Reading

3.9. Goals

3.10. Motivation



4.1.1. List up to seven goals for applying what you've learned to your professional and personal life

4.1.2. Analize a task by building mind map Detail

4.1.3. Working smarter not faster, by making my work efficiently and have time to do my creative parts of my life and dimish my tress Detail

4.1.4. Learn to read faster Detail I want to read at least 100 words per minute with decent level of comprehension by the end of next week.

4.1.5. Working with goal as my brain loves goals, the nerv bundle keeps the cerebral cortex active and needs to be stimulated itslef, to see things or not. to have energy, motivation, no stress. Detail

4.1.6. Taking breaks for not feeling constantly chased and to prevent ilness, work smarter not harder Detail

4.1.7. Focus on the part that I love what I do at work and I can be creative Detail

4.1.8. To increase my brain capacity and memory I will learn to relax, to give time for the brain to process all Detail

4.2. Describe your MOTIVATION to achieve these GOALS

4.2.1. AUTONOMY How will you make these goals your own? Why should I spend my precious time on implementing and practising my learnings from this course?

4.2.2. MASTERY What strategies will you implement for continued successful progress? Seek out novelty and challenges

4.2.3. PURPOSE How will you link your achievement to a greater cause or purpose? Use my achievments to feel more energy and joy when coming to work