Her Tinted Closet

Drawn to creativity from childhood I was always fascinated by creativity of any sort. Be it art, dancing, singing, writing......Dancing being my first love ...I took to dancing like fish takes to water and performed for ten years on stage during school and college winning accolades in dancing, singing( had a girl band in college). ....A student of literature ...I love to read and write poetry. Alfred lord Tennyson, Khalil Gibran, John Keats, William Wordsworth being some of my favourites. I t...

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Her Tinted Closet by Mind Map: Her Tinted Closet

1. The Bodycon Dress!!!

2. The unconventional “BELL BOTTOMS”!!

3. Power Up in Suits!!!

4. “HAT” is my “CROWN”!!!

5. Sailing in Stripes!!!

6. “FUR” The heat is on!

6.1. The Empowering Animal Prints!!!

6.2. The Mesmerising Lace!!

7. We Love SHADES OF GREY!!!

8. All Chic & Classic!!