Craft Shed (1)

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Craft Shed (1) by Mind Map: Craft Shed (1)

1. Craft

1.1. Sewing

1.1.1. Fabrics Cotton Christmas Yokai Plain Odd Heshin

1.1.2. Needle Pins Dressmaker Machine Singer Handel sew Children sew Plastic

1.1.3. Thread Cotton

1.1.4. Biases Iron on

1.1.5. Elastic Thin Thick

1.1.6. Ribbon Colours

1.1.7. Button Size Colour

1.1.8. Backing Ironing

1.1.9. Photo paper In paper area

1.2. Painting

1.2.1. Brushes Medium Soft Soft Small Thick Hard Small Thick

1.2.2. Acrylic Paint Oil paint Water paint

1.2.3. Canvass

1.3. Stick and paste

1.3.1. Hot glue gun Glue stick Clear Colour Glitter Hot glue Super Glue Silicone Glue Pvc Waterproof Sticks Dots Blue tac

1.3.2. Foam Shapes

1.3.3. Glitter s Colours

1.3.4. Popsicle Small

1.3.5. Paper Off cuts

1.4. Cake

1.4.1. Icing Colours Dyes Bags Disposable Reusable Nibs Flower Round Knife Pallet Trays Bowls Small Medium

1.4.2. Cutters Push Flower Leaf Animals Dog Cow Dinosaur Butterfly Human Smile Body Shapes Square Star Round Triangle Hexagon Octagon Auto Car Truck Nature Leaf Flower Tree

1.4.3. Flavours Natural Essence

1.4.4. Flours Plain Wholemeal Rice Chickpea

1.4.5. Sugars White Icing Raw Honey Brown Dark brown Equal

1.4.6. Pans Round Square Other Heart

1.4.7. Films Baking paper Tracing paper

1.5. Drawing

1.5.1. Pen and Hb Pencil Ink Pencil refill

1.5.2. Colour pencils Sharpener

1.5.3. Textas

1.5.4. Erasers

1.5.5. Ruler Protractor

1.6. Woolen Crafting

1.6.1. Knitting Kneedl sizing Counter

1.6.2. Crochet Hook Metal Plastic Wooden Other

1.6.3. Macromay Wire Rope Dowels

1.6.4. Yarn wool PLY Reds Pink Fire engine Orange Soft Pastel Yellow Soft Sunny Green Sage Cottage Blue Baby Dark Indigo Deep Violet Lavender

2. Storage

2.1. Saftey

2.1.1. Tool Ear plugs Ear muff Goggles Glasses Gloves Plastic/surgery Garden gloves Mask Dust mask Air mask

2.1.2. Bike /scooter Knee pads Helmet Hand gard

2.1.3. Torch Candle Matches Lighter Batteries Cables

2.1.4. Power bank Chargers cords

2.1.5. Radio Chargers Batteries

2.1.6. Medical kit Band-aid Bandage Pin Diabetic items Resaware Set Lancet Jellybean Stripes

2.2. Toys

2.2.1. Board Games Cards

2.2.2. Lego Duplu

2.2.3. Soft toys Plushies

2.2.4. Yokai watch Pokimon

2.2.5. Automotive Matchbox cars Thomas Trains Wooden Plastic

2.2.6. Themed Super heroes Imajinex Space Harry Potter Army Dinosaur

2.3. Books

2.3.1. Cook books Baking Family cooking Collector

2.3.2. Novel's Adult Dad Mum Teen Captain Underpants Poems

2.3.3. Under 10 books Where wally Muddy paws Lego readers Where wild thing's are Ect

2.3.4. 5 & under Spot Flip Thomas Monster at the end of the book Ect

2.3.5. Craft

2.3.6. Colouring books Mum Other

2.4. Craft Tools

2.4.1. Scissors Hacksaw Blades jigsaw Blades Saw Standly knife Blades Dr blade Razor Blades Fabric Guillotine Roller paper blades

2.4.2. Stick and paste Hot glue gun Glue stick Glue Popsicle Small Paper Off cuts Foam Shapes Glitter s Colours

2.4.3. Small drill Dermal drill Drill bits

2.4.4. Files Wood Small Metal Small

2.4.5. Sander Papers Block

2.4.6. Screwdrivers Flathead Phillips head Star Square

2.5. Spare bedding

2.5.1. Sleeping Bags

2.5.2. Quilts

2.5.3. Pillows

2.5.4. Queen beding Sheets Quilts

2.6. Picnic

2.6.1. Basket

2.6.2. Esky Drink Food Bagged

2.6.3. Blankets

2.7. Winter jacket

2.7.1. Kerry

2.7.2. Jason

2.7.3. Anthony

2.7.4. Hayden

2.8. Bike / Scoot er

3. Family

3.1. Memories

3.1.1. Kid/babies Clothes Shoes First Toy First blanket Photos Videos

3.1.2. Us Letters Photos PC drives Keepsake items Video Newspaper clippings School books Writing books Drawings Pen pal letters

3.1.3. Stringers Photos Videos Keepsake items

3.1.4. McGauchie's Photos Video Keepsake items

4. Paperwork

4.1. House

4.1.1. Rates

4.1.2. Landscape

4.1.3. Maps

4.1.4. Warranties Airconditioning Hotwater

4.1.5. Quotes Garden Airconditioning Kitchen Flooring

4.2. Family

4.2.1. Hayden Banking Health NDIS Centrelink School Keeps

4.2.2. Anthony Banking Health Centrelink School Keeps

4.2.3. Jason Commonwealth Centrelink Crows Health

4.2.4. Kerry Health Centrelink Commonwealth

4.3. Year

4.3.1. 2019 Bills Water Power Medical Internet Crows Youi Car

4.3.2. 2020 Bills Water Power Medical Internet Crows

4.3.3. 2018 Bills Water Power Medical Internet Crows

4.3.4. 2017 Bills Water Power Medical Internet Crows Year

4.3.5. 2016 Bills Water Power Medical Internet Crows Year

4.3.6. 2015 Bills Water Power Medical Internet Crows

4.4. Bills

4.4.1. Water

4.4.2. Power Agl Origin

4.4.3. Medical Medicare Rebate Hayden Speech Ot Gp Mental

4.4.4. Internet

4.4.5. Crows

4.4.6. Youi House Car

4.4.7. Car Service Tyres other

4.4.8. GE

4.4.9. Radio Rental