Technology Help (Subtopic: Music)

A brief Brainstorming Map of technology help that deals with online music instruction.

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Technology Help (Subtopic: Music) by Mind Map: Technology Help  (Subtopic: Music)

1. Garage Band

1.1. Make Drum/Rhythm Loops

1.2. Exporting to iTunes

2. SmartMusic

2.1. Syncing the microphone so the program will register the instrument pitches.

2.2. Creating customized accompaniments

3. Staff Wars V2.2

3.1. Syncing the Microphones so the game will register the instrument pitches.

3.2. Picking the correct mode

3.2.1. choosing the instrument

3.2.2. choosing the speed

3.2.3. choosing an appropriate range

4. YouTube

4.1. Uploading a Video

4.2. Organizing Videos into Folders

5. iTunes

5.1. Importing music

5.2. Organizing music content

5.2.1. making playlists

5.2.2. grouping content together