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i2G by Mind Map: i2G

1. Online platform

1.1. access from anywhere at anytime through web browser

1.2. share data easily with just some clicks ( like share a video), no copy data to usb anymore

1.2.1. the sharing in the same company

1.2.2. sharing to different company

1.3. you dont need to spend much money for a good workstation

1.4. all-in-one: all needed application for working are in one place ( storage tool, interpretation tool, management tool, collaboration tool)

1.5. Demo: log in to i2G, share project (different company)

1.6. can storage data

1.6.1. We have 2 level for starage dat there are: one for compay one for project. they are all related file to project with many format, report, image, digital data

1.6.2. Now i want to interpret petroda

1.6.3. zoneset:

1.7. can interpret your data

1.8. can manage data

1.8.1. Zone

1.8.2. Marker

1.9. can do correlation

1.9.1. this is a correlation plot

1.9.2. easily change the resolution, the scale of display

1.9.3. create marker and zone compare to other software is have a default name first then change presenation to show i2G is better how i change color of 1 zone Ta5o tu dau 1 cai plot

1.10. Use ML for adnvanced interp

2. unified database (CODB)

2.1. central database for a company (CODB) can be shared to many projects and it also can be updated from these projects

2.1.1. no duplication data

2.1.2. no missing the latest version

2.1.3. ensure that every one who are working on the same project is looking at to the same data

2.2. easily to localize the data for project using, submit the latest version from project database

3. project database

3.1. store beside project working

3.2. capture connection between project item + related file