Everyone Schoolmaker. Why school should become learning organizations.

Everyone Schoolmaker. Why school should become learning organizations. Presentation of Bert Smits from Schoolmakers (http//www.schoolmakers.be) at the Global Forum for Education and Learning - Dubai, 16th-18th December 2019

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Everyone Schoolmaker. Why school should become learning organizations. by Mind Map: Everyone Schoolmaker. Why school should become learning organizations.

1. complex - not the same as complicated - systemic way - consisting of many different and connected parts

2. Schools learn through people!

3. Cause of the VUCA characteristics of society combined with the aim of education of 'leading children into society' schools have the duty to keep on learning!

3.1. What is a learning organization?

3.1.1. 'Simple' single loop learning Are we doing things right? Procedures and rules

3.1.2. 'Complicated' double loop learning Are we doing the right things? Insights and patterns

3.1.3. 'Complex' triple learning

4. ambigu - we don't know what is right or wrong anymore - many 'conflicting' truths

5. Living in a VUCA world

6. Schools are an interspace - a space & place to grasp the DNA of the (future) society

7. How do we decide what is right? Principles

8. 7. effective schoolleaderschip

9. On the other hand, there's the rubber band pushing people towards towards putting their vision in practice.

10. One one hand, there's a a rubber band pulling people back towards belief in powerlessness and a feeling of being unworthy

11. How can I see that a school is learning?

11.1. How can we make learning of pupils/students and teachers visible, tangible and alive?

12. Schools are specialized in learning and yet they are bad in organizing their own learning.

13. Why do schools have to learn?

14. How can schools handle a VUCA world?

14.1. the ostrich strategy

14.2. the lab rat strategy

14.3. ! the learning strategy - learning keeps your school fit and agile

15. What makes it hard for schools to learn?

15.1. Learning disabilities at system level

15.1.1. caused by the structure of the school organization 'the fish bowl you swim in, matters' traditional vs network organization

15.2. Learning blockades at personal level

15.2.1. assumptions and habits that make deep level learning hard e.g. The myth of the management that is solely responsible for solving problems

16. How to develop personal mastery?

17. How to turn schools into learning organizations? 7 leverages

17.1. 2. collaboration

17.2. 1. shared vision

17.3. 3. connecting workplace

17.4. 4. professionalization

17.5. 5. practice-oriented research

17.6. 6. quality-organization