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1. it has to follow these fundamentals to maintain the balance

1.1. angled position

1.2. defensive pressure with active feet

1.3. constant perception of blind spots

1.4. monitoring references

1.5. watching the rest of the players on the line

2. intensity os shifting depends on certain behaviours

2.1. continually monitoring references

2.2. whether opponent advances past defenders

2.3. combining horizontal movements with vertical movements

2.4. crossover running

2.5. sprints perpendicular/diagonal to the sideline for long shiofts at a high pace

3. fundamental aspects for the penetration gaps

3.1. defender's positioning determines his responsibility for the gap he's facing

3.2. defenders on the opposite sides are responsible for two gaps

3.3. when facing the axis of the ball, responsibility will be doubled

3.4. prioritize a narrow gap between center-backs

3.5. monitoring the blind spot

4. it has different features/roles

4.1. it's possible to continually alter the depth of the playing space

4.2. it's essential to estabilish a player who marks the height of the line

4.3. there is also the line leader, who uses his extended field of vision to intervene and cover

5. examples of the dangers of a situation: clearance

5.1. players who clears hanging back

5.1.1. breaks offside

5.1.2. he's misaligned

5.2. players on the defensive line adavce at the moment of clearance

6. vertical movements

6.1. encroachment

6.2. adjustment advance

6.3. hold

6.4. backward adjustment

6.5. pull back

7. situations

7.1. covered ball

7.2. uncovered ball

8. spatial references

8.1. defensive funnel

8.2. limit of recovery

8.3. 5 corridors

8.3.1. internal

8.3.2. external

8.3.3. central

9. situations of disalignment

9.1. staggered line

9.2. incomplete line