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Schizophrenia by Mind Map: Schizophrenia

1. Symptoms

1.1. vary per individual

1.2. four catagories

1.2.1. positive symptoms

1.2.2. negative symptoms

1.2.3. cognitive symptoms

1.2.4. emotional symptoms

2. Diagnosis

2.1. observing the actions of the patient

2.2. patient's medical and psychiatric history

2.3. certain tests to rule out other illnesses

2.3.1. blood tests (drugs)

2.3.2. imaging studies (structure of brain)

2.3.3. psychological evaluation

2.4. must meet criteria in the DSM

2.4.1. DSM = Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

2.4.2. at least 2 of following symptoms: delusions disorganized or catatonic behaviour disorganized speech halluciations negative symptoms continuous signs of disturbance for at least 6 months, during which at least 1 month of active symptoms

3. Treatment

3.1. medication

3.1.1. antipsychotics

3.1.2. primary treatment

3.1.3. side effects weight gain hypotension

3.1.4. not a cure, relieves some symptoms

3.2. psychological counselling

3.2.1. psychoeducation

3.2.2. stick to your plan

3.2.3. cognitive behaviour therapy NICE = National Institute for Health and Care Excellence at least 10 sessions over 3 months

3.3. self-help resources

3.3.1. strong support system

3.3.2. balanced diet/regular exercise

3.3.3. plenty of sleep

3.3.4. avoid alcohol and drugs

3.3.5. relieving and managing stress know your limits use relaxation techniques manage your emotions

3.3.6. accept your diagnosis

4. Fast facts

4.1. mental disorder

4.2. late adolescence/early adulthood

4.2.1. males younger than females

4.3. estimated 1% of population

4.4. can develop slowly or quickly