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motivation by Mind Map: motivation

1. In Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs, belongingness is part of one of his major needs that motivate human behavior.he believed that the need for belonging helped people to experience companionship and acceptance through family, friends, and other relationships.

2. ram nikumn (ishan teacher)succeed to realizing ishhan than he not stupid.ishan just use a wrong methode.after putting many his effort to teaching ishan , ishan becoming great student and succed to win the art competition and pass his exam.

3. 2)

3.1. self actualisation

3.1.1. realizing your full potential each human being have their own advantages, they just need to find the best way toward our goals.dont give up

4. (1)

4.1. love and feel belonged

4.1.1. its also important for supporting us toward achieving our goals

4.1.2. example Ishan was very sad had to separate with his family for going to boarding school. ishan was being hard working following his teacher guidance.

4.1.3. conclusion,love and feel belonged are verry important to all living things.let help each other in such a way spread the love.