Life Plan-Maximus Lodish

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Life Plan-Maximus Lodish by Mind Map: Life Plan-Maximus Lodish

1. My educational goals

1.1. Have a higher than 3.5 GPA through out school, before my senior year.

1.1.1. Get into my top colleges for sport and grade. Want to be a master at my weakest subject

2. Career Goals

2.1. Have full time job that can support me, before the age of 30.

2.1.1. I would like to be in a professional sport. Have enough for money for my family.

3. Christmas break plans

3.1. To sleep a lot.

3.1.1. Spend time with family. To be happy as much as possible.


4.1. Hockey

4.1.1. Video Games Hanging out with friends

5. My Future

5.1. Married

5.1.1. Denver, COL House 2

6. Places I'd like to travel to

6.1. Paris

6.1.1. Los Angles Rome