american revolution

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american revolution by Mind Map: american revolution

1. In 1765 the quartering act said that british soldiers in the colonies could stay in any private home they wanted

2. April 19 1775 the first was the first attack from the colonist

3. 5 people died 3 was found dead 2 died later

4. The tea act passed by parliament on may 10 1773

5. Massachusetts government act was the second modified the massachusetts charter of 1691 taking away many of its rights

6. The quartering act was the fourth measure provided that british officials accused of committing crimes.

7. The Boston port act was the first of these closed the port of Boston until the east india company was paid for the lost tea.

8. The battle of saratoga happened in September and October,1777

9. The valley forge was from December 19,1777 to June 19,1778

10. The aftermath at least 50,000 soldiers died during the war.

11. As many as 25,000 slaves and freed blacks fought on both sides of the war.

12. The things that led to the massacre were the product of the occupation of boston by redcoats in 1768.

13. When he first started selling his color prints of “the bloody massacre perpetrated in king street” in boston he was doing what any one else would do with his talent in 1770.

14. The pilgrims go out to find a better home in their ship the mayflower. And they got to plymouth rock and called it their home. They said they were loyal to england.

15. The Declaration of Independence adopted by the continental Congress on july 4,1776.