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The Noun by Mind Map: The Noun

1. Abstract Nouns Ex: Higher education is strongly recommended (education)

2. Concrete Nouns Ex: What is that noise? (noise)

3. Type of Notion

4. Non-Human Nouns Ex: a cat a dog

5. Human Nouns Ex: a man a woman

6. Personal Quality

7. Inanimate Nouns Ex: a table a bed a book

8. Animate Nouns Ex: a person a human a daughter

9. Form of existence

10. Common Nouns Ex: an author a city a language

11. Proper Nouns Ex: Leo Tolstoy Paris Neptune

12. Type of Nomination

13. Genitive of authorship Ex: my aunt's letter John's words

14. Descriptive genitive Ex: children's book

15. Equatorial genitive Ex: a mile's distance

16. Adverbial genitive Ex: two hours' work a month's leave a week's absence

17. Objective genitive Ex: Sam's surprise

18. Subjective genitive Ex: the doctor's advice

19. Possessive genitive Ex: John's car the bird's nest my friend's room

20. The Common Gender Ex: a bird an artist a musician

21. Absolute Generalisation Ex: New information should be gathered on this subject (some information)

22. Relative Generalisation Ex: A train hooted (some train)

23. Non-identification (a; - )

24. Identification (the) Ex: The train hooted (that train)

25. Article Determination

26. Common Case Ex: a cat a house

27. Possessive Case

28. Case

29. Absolute Singular Nouns Ex: love peace chemistry snow fruit furniture

30. Absolute Plural Nouns Ex: trousers jeans clothes police

31. Uncountable Nouns Ex: information rice water money

32. Plural Ex: cats dogs books

33. Singular Ex: a cat a dog a book

34. Countable Nouns

35. Number

36. Non-person Nouns Ex: a pencil a star a book

37. Masculine Nouns Ex: a boy a butler a footman a father a brother

38. Feminine Nouns Ex: a girl a waitress an aunt

39. Person Nouns

40. Gender