Onboarding Course

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Onboarding Course by Mind Map: Onboarding Course

1. Welcome

1.1. Introduction: The Team Concept

1.2. The RealtorRealtor Team Vision

1.3. Goal-Setting and How We'll Help You Achieve Your Goals

1.3.1. Scripts & Systems and Structured Mentoring

1.3.2. Managing your sales pipeline to meet your goal production targets

1.4. Technology Overvew

1.5. Our Target Client

2. Login/Sign Up

2.1. My Account

3. Secondary & Ancillary Workflows

3.1. Ad hoc Scripts & Admin Tasks

3.2. FAQs

3.3. Help Center

4. Primary Workflows

4.1. Routine Scripts & Admin Tasks

4.2. Built on a foundation of Online Leads

4.3. Your Income is at the end of a pipeline funneling a large volume of online leads of varying qualities and stages of readiness through to a purchase

4.4. Primary Daily Activity: Qualifying New Leads & Securing Buyer Consultation Appointments

5. Team Strategic Foundations

5.1. Our Marketing Strategy: Online Lead Gen

5.1.1. Target Buyers Identify Sellers: "Buyers who have to sell first" Theory: "Buyer's Thought Process"

5.2. Search Ads vs. Interrupt Marketing

5.2.1. Google & Microsoft vs. Facebook

6. Legend

6.1. Navigation Items

6.2. Main Pages

6.3. Content Pages

6.4. Forms

6.5. Members Area