Feature Map - Customer UI

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Feature Map - Customer UI by Mind Map: Feature Map - Customer UI

1. User Profile

1.1. Name

1.2. E-Mail

1.3. Password Settings

1.4. Picture Settings

2. Documents

2.1. Upload or Take a photo

2.2. Tagging

2.2.1. One predefined tag: tax

2.2.2. User can create new tags or choose from already created ones

2.3. Edit attributes

2.3.1. Name Automated prefilled: Document Type / Company / Date Editable by user

2.3.2. Date 1st choice: Document date 2nd choice: Upload date

2.3.3. Type Pre-Defined Invoices Contracts Bank Statements Payrolls Other

2.3.4. Tag choose existing or create new

2.3.5. Supplier

2.4. Search

2.4.1. Supplier

2.4.2. Text Search

2.4.3. Complex by multiple filters Date Company Document Type ...

2.4.4. By Tags

2.5. Mark Favorites

2.6. Export as ZIP or XLS

2.7. Share

2.7.1. Spaces User can Creater Spaces and invite users to collaborate Invitation should be also possible to on users via mail to generate new leads Whitelabel User have automatically one space to share documents with whitelabel partner Shared spaces can be displayed Documents and folders can be stored

2.8. Pay

3. Import sources

3.1. Upload

3.2. Central E-mail

3.3. fetchdocs

3.3.1. Online Portals

3.4. Custom Connectors

3.4.1. Par...

3.4.2. Drop...

4. Dashboard

4.1. Search

4.2. Recent Documents

4.3. Notfications