Future Reporting

Future Reporting

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Future Reporting by Mind Map: Future Reporting

1. SD won't implement changes to support RAB rates


2.1. Reporting from source enabler

2.2. Goes live on 30 Dec

2.3. Will it enable cash reporting of GST

2.4. GST reporting not immediate, several weeks delay after ASFP goes live

2.5. Ivan's cash report - will it include GST cash collections

3. Cash Actuals

3.1. RAB Rates


4.1. Isoloate ITX cases

4.1.1. Yes - What does this enable?

4.1.2. No - Can it be done another way

4.2. Only reports Actuals

4.3. Limited life??

5. SDP

5.1. No to hybrid option

6. Prior Year Cases

6.1. PY Cash

7. States & Territories Report

7.1. Mid Jan Deadline

7.2. Gst Centre started producing rpt with SD

8. ITX Closed Cases

8.1. Number required to be changed to open case

8.2. Bulk case updates potential to enable process

8.3. Some cash actual recording (collection template) $34m by PW BA teams (Nov 19)

8.3.1. recording cash but still closing as per closed reporting

9. ITX Staff integration

9.1. Difficulty isolating GST cases into the future as staff move from original ITX teams

9.2. Black Hole Cases ITX cases On Hand at end June 19, not counted by closed case rules, moved to Pw/IC post July 19, closed but not counted. Approx $53m liabs unreported

9.3. Double counting as liabs aren't removed from proj templates once actual liabs are raised

9.4. No date/past date issues due to a question in template not being completed

10. Case Officer cash collection notification

11. Unknowns

11.1. Sticky, Timing or Wash

11.1.1. Sticky

11.1.2. Timing

11.1.3. Wash