Is there a GCF?

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Is there a GCF? by Mind Map: Is there a GCF?

1. No

1.1. If 4 terms

1.2. If 3 terms

1.3. If 2 terms

2. Yes

2.1. Pull out the GCF

2.1.1. If 4 terms... Factor by Grouping Simplify

2.1.2. If 3 terms.. Multiply A and C together and replace C with the product Identify the terms that multiply to get c, and add to get b

2.1.3. If 2 terms... Difference of Squares Write as (x-b)(x+b) Sum of Squares Cannot be factored Sum of Cubes Write as (x+b)(x^2-xb+b^2) Difference of Cubes Write as (x-b)(x^2+xb+b^2)