Chapter 2 Notes

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Chapter 2 Notes by Mind Map: Chapter 2 Notes

1. The Internet

1.1. How it works

1.1.1. Computers using the Internet transfer information by using servers and clients

1.1.2. Works sort of like a highway

1.1.3. Works through IP Address: Internet protocol address

1.1.4. Text version of ip address is a domain name, this identifies the type of Internet server being used.

1.2. The history

1.2.1. Started by the pentagon

1.2.2. Originally meant to link scientific and academic researcher

1.2.3. Called ARPANET

2. World wide web

2.1. "www"

2.2. A web browser allows users to access and view web pages

2.3. Website is a collection of related web pages

2.4. Web 2.0, participatory web.

2.4.1. Refers to the ability for a user to change, add or modify a web sites content

2.5. Downloading is the process of a computer receiving information

2.6. URL, uniform resource locator

2.6.1. A unique address for every web page

2.7. Link, short for hyperlink

2.7.1. Built in connection to another web page or something related. Can be text, then called hypertext

2.8. Search engine finds web sites

2.8.1. Many use a spider to build and maintain lists of words found on web sites

2.9. Types of web sites

2.9.1. Portal, variety of Internet services

2.9.2. News

2.9.3. Informational

2.9.4. Business/marketing

2.9.5. Educational

2.9.6. Entertainment

2.9.7. Advocacy

2.9.8. Blog

2.9.9. Wiki, collab

2.9.10. Online social network

2.9.11. Content aggregator

2.9.12. Personal

2.10. Multimedia

2.10.1. Graphics, graphical images

2.10.2. Animation, the appearance of movemnt

2.10.3. Audio

2.10.4. Video

2.10.5. Virtual reality, simulate real or imagined environment

2.10.6. Plug-ins or ad-on extends the capability of a browser

3. Internet services

3.1. Email

3.2. Ecommerce

3.3. Mailing lists

3.4. Instant messaging

3.5. Chat rooms

3.6. VoIP, voice over IP, Internet telephony, allows users to speak to each other over the internet

3.7. FTP, file uploading and downloading

3.8. News group and message boards