The body’s scaffolding the skeleton

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The body’s scaffolding the skeleton by Mind Map: The body’s scaffolding the skeleton

1. Characteristics and Composition of Bone

1.1. The thigh

1.1.1. Allows the foot to be positioned away from the body

1.2. Muscles of the hip and thigh

1.2.1. Direct flexion and extension of the knee joint

1.3. The tibia

1.3.1. Runs down the front of the leg

1.3.2. Is vulnerable to direct blows

1.3.3. Can be felt close to the skin

1.3.4. Supports 90% of upper body weight

1.4. The leg

1.4.1. The leg’s function is to facilitate walking by allowing the foot and ankle to be propelled.

1.4.2. The foot and ankle allow for balance adjustment on uneven terrain.

2. Pelvis and Lower Extremities ..Lower extremity consists of

2.1. Hip

2.1.1. Knee Ankle joints Bones of the thigh, leg and foot

3. 💡 note • The majority of hand functions come from muscles in the forearm. - Long tendons that extend to the hand and finger

4. Shoulder and Upper Extremities

4.1. The shoulder girdle is composed

4.1.1. Scapulae (shoulder blades)

4.1.2. Clavicle (collarbone)

4.2. The upper extremity consists of:

4.2.1. Shoulder Elbow Wrist

5. Axial skeleton

5.1. Skull

5.2. Vertebral column

5.3. Sternum

5.4. Rib

6. Appendicular skeleton

6.1. Pectoral girdle

6.2. Pelvic girdle

6.3. Bones of upper and lower extremities