What I learnt in FHH 3510 with Dr. Zanalia?

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What I learnt in FHH 3510 with Dr. Zanalia? by Mind Map: What I learnt in FHH 3510 with Dr. Zanalia?

1. Plant Location

1.1. Reasons why we need those plant location

1.2. Factors that we need to evaluate the location

1.2.1. Market-related

1.2.2. Tangible cost

1.2.3. Intangible cost

1.3. Location evaluation method

1.3.1. The Transportation Model

1.3.2. Factor Rating Method

1.3.3. The Center-of-gravity Method

2. Plant Layout

2.1. Know the reasons why we need the layout of the facilities

2.1.1. Types of facility layout Fixed position Process Product

2.2. Understand the factors that influencing the design of factory layout

2.2.1. Nature of the product

2.2.2. Factory building

2.2.3. Production process

2.2.4. Types of machinery

2.2.5. Repairs and maintenances

2.2.6. Humans need

2.2.7. Plant environment

2.2.8. Management policies

2.3. Know the basic way to produce the plant layout

3. Manufacturing Process Flow

3.1. Understand every process and know the right flow of manufacturing

3.2. Can apply the right symbol in the process flow

4. Demand Forecasting

4.1. Understand what is forecasting and its importance in one company

4.2. Describe the tine horizon (term) of forecasting

4.2.1. short

4.2.2. Intermediate

4.2.3. Long

4.3. Forecasting approaches

4.3.1. Qualitative Hierarchical method Expert opinion Delphi method Surveys

4.3.2. Quantitative Moving averages Weighted moving averages Exponential smoothing Linear regression

4.3.3. Can explain the advantages and disadvantages in each method and find what fit with each problem

5. Linear Programming

5.1. Know the introduction of LP and it’s application in operation management of forest products industry

5.2. Find out the application of LP in industry

5.3. Solve and calculate the LP using Excel Solver

6. Lean Manufacturing

6.1. Means a manufacturing without waste

6.2. Know the 7 types of waste

6.3. The 5 principles of lean

6.4. List of lean tools

6.5. Benefits of lean and its application in wood based industry

7. Operation and Production Management

7.1. History from cost focus, quality focus and to customization focus.

7.2. Understand the term of operation, production, management and its importance

7.3. Differentiate between goods and service producer

7.4. Know the production system and types

7.4.1. Continuous

7.4.2. Mass

7.4.3. Batch

7.4.4. Job-shop

7.5. Realize of Operation Manager responsibilities and role