.experiments on urbanism /dystopian futures of human settlements/.

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.experiments on urbanism /dystopian futures of human settlements/. by Mind Map: .experiments on urbanism /dystopian  futures of human settlements/.

1. Landscapes of Quarantine

2. inspirations Anatomy of an AI System

3. location choice factors?

3.1. at this point we need a grounded argument

4. how would the human settlements look like? -would it be a quarantine? exclusion? how to represent that exclusion spatially?

5. what if ai takes over urbanization?

6. what is our dependecy on machines?

7. the machine landscapes

7.1. https://monoskop.org/images/0/0a/Architectural_Design_89_1_Machine_Landscapes_Architectures_of_the_Post-Anthropocene_2019.pdf

7.2. energy provision?

7.3. network of these structures?

7.4. production?

7.5. mines!

8. the landcapes of quarantine

8.1. the ref. camps?

9. what would be an intermediate zone?

10. 18.12.19

11. maybe we could get inspired by existing concepts/ literature/ movies... smt cultural smt any mainstream person can relate with, that would take attraction and attract curiosity beyond arch nerds.

12. Unknown Fields Division - Mission

13. Infrastructure Patterns VII by Atlas of Places (795RE) — Atlas of Places