PCK for primary programming

Dom Kelly mind map about PCK (so far)

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PCK for primary programming by Mind Map: PCK for primary programming

1. Curricular knowledge

2. Subject matter content

2.1. I am thinking more now about the order in which to add one of the four key programming concepts, as well as how to combine these in a way that works for pupil progression

3. Pedagogical knowledge

3.1. I have started to plan lessons and units in terms of a semantic wave

3.2. I have started applying PRIMM wherever possible in relevant lessons

3.3. I am more aware of when I am asking the students to undertake an instructivist v constructivist task. I have tried to increase the constructivist approach through guided exploration

4. Representations of ideas

4.1. I have tried to plan for student questions/misunderstandings around variables, functions, inputs by having an unplugged analogy ready to help explain it.

5. Managing cognitive load through scaffolding and avoiding learned helplessness

5.1. I have removed more 'extraneous' concepts that are not the focus of learning, but still often required for a program to work, by hiding them in functions or other strategies.

5.2. When time permits, during a task, if someone says "i don't know', I make sure that I ask questions that elicit how far they really are from understanding, and then providing appropriate hints/guidance to help them make progress from there.

6. Teaching experience