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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analyze

1.1. Who will be the audience?

1.1.1. Trainees

1.2. What will be the behavoural outcome?

1.2.1. Knowledge To identify the nerve blocks appropriate for the surgical procedure

1.2.2. Comprehension To compare the use of available equipment

1.2.3. Application To demonstrate the nerve block procedure using the Ultrasound, stimulator or both

1.3. What will be the learning constraints?

1.3.1. availability of the equipment & supplies

1.3.2. acceptability of the procedure to colleagues and patients

1.4. What are the delivery options?

1.4.1. timing

1.4.2. location

1.4.3. quantity of the trainees

1.5. What are the online pedagogical considerations?

1.5.1. youtube

1.5.2. journals on line

1.6. What is the timeline?

1.6.1. 1 week for diplomates

1.6.2. incorporated in the 3 year program of the residents

2. Design

2.1. Learning Objectives of the course

2.1.1. define the specific measurable action that will enable the learners to do of what is required in the instructional goals.

2.2. Methodology & Instructional Design

2.2.1. establish clear links between the course content and objectives

2.2.2. introduce content & learning activities in a logical sequence that supports the learners' construction of knowledge & skills

2.3. Teasting Strategies

2.3.1. provide the feedback in the learners' profress in meeting the defined objectives

3. Develop

3.1. creating the performance solution

3.1.1. learning resourses generated by integrating content & strategies

3.1.2. Validation integrating content & strategies for stakeholders' review & revision

3.1.3. Pilot test feedback/obervation to be collected for insights into final adjustments before implementation

4. Implement

4.1. learning solution by preparing the learning space & engaging participants

4.1.1. facilitators preparation to engage & qualified

4.1.2. learners notificatiuon and enrollment of learners

5. Evaluate

5.1. assess the effectives & quality of learning on how well they accomplish the objectives & intstructional goals

5.1.1. Formative present in every stage to determine whether the quality satisfies the standards established in the design phase

5.1.2. Summative conducted after the implementation perception learning performance