The Organic Law on Education of May 3rd, 2006

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The Organic Law on Education of May 3rd, 2006 by Mind Map: The Organic Law on Education of May 3rd, 2006

1. 3 main underlying principles

1.1. Quality education

1.1.1. It must be provided to all citizens of both sexes until 16 years old

1.1.2. Reduce the number of people who leave school with no qualifications and at an early age.

1.1.3. Ensure that all citizens reach their full individual, social, intelectual, cultural and emotional potential.

1.2. Collaboration and effort

1.2.1. All the Education Community and Educational Administrations and the society as a whole should collaborate in the improvement of the quality of the educational system.

1.2.2. Need to provide equitable schooling of students.

1.2.3. Inclusion and integration to all the students

1.3. Commitment

1.3.1. Common education aims set by the European Union

1.3.2. Prepare students to live in the new knowledge-based society

1.3.3. Proposals Improving the quality and effectiveness of educational and training systems Facilitate generalised access to education and training Streghthen links with the society