Blue Mountains Tunnel "SEED' A germ of an Idea ...

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Blue Mountains Tunnel "SEED' A germ of an Idea Sensible Economic Environmental Development A Non Partisan Think Tank by Mind Map: Blue Mountains Tunnel     "SEED'                           A germ of an Idea                               Sensible Economic Environmental Development         A Non Partisan Think Tank


1.1. Vision

1.1.1. 100 years out what does regional NSW look like? Redesign our cities for the future The Most Innovative Cities in the World Population of NSW in 2019 7.5 Million (Sydney 5.2 Million) growth 5 % By 2050 the population will be 32 million (GAGrR of 5%) Sydney 22 Million - Where will they fit?

1.1.2. The World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains is unique and is an Australian national treasure. The Blue Mountains has visitors from all over the world and is the only place in the world which is a city inside a national park and a national park inside a city. The Blue mountains provides a breathing space for human society and the natural community. It provides an environmental respite close to a highly urbanized metropolitan area. It protects a very large variety of unique vegetation including hundreds of native species and exotics and provides habitats that are important for the conservation of locally threatened and in some cases very rare populations of native mammals, birds, freshwater fish, frogs and reptiles.

1.2. The Blue Mountains -The great barrier stopping NSW from growing

1.2.1. There is currently only 3 ways to cross the Blue Mountains Rail -minus 11% growth Already congested and almost at full capacity -sharing with passenger & Freight 2 roads - 40%+ increase over last 7 years - 2019 accounts for 13% of all casualty crashes in Sydney Regional and 14% of all fatalities. Heavy Vehicle = is 20% of all traffic

1.2.2. Its taken 200 years to get a four lane highway as far as Katoomba the new airport will create extra volumes for traffic to and from the West which the current capacity will not handle

1.2.3. WE need another option

1.2.4. The answer is ;- High Speed Rail Freight to Lithgow - terminal Traffic Tunnel

1.2.5. Road death toll should include victims of vehicle emissions: report

1.3. Future Needs of Sydney/ NSW

1.3.1. Increase capacity of freight and passengers

1.3.2. Economic Benefits Local multiplier effects


2.1. Artists Impression


2.2. Comparison Examples

2.2.1. Swiss Tunnels Gotthard Base Tunnel Gotthard Base Tunnel - Wikipedia

2.2.2. Channel Tunnel Channel Tunnel - Wikipedia

2.2.3. USA / California LA Transit Tunnel 'Defeating traffic': Elon Musk unveils tunnels deep under LA

2.3. 100,000 Signatures

2.3.1. Tourists

2.3.2. Cafes

2.4. Blue Mountains heavy vehicle accidents especially Haz /Mat

2.4.1. Jarrod McGrouther

2.5. Why not Build

2.5.1. Cost

2.5.2. Future Benefits

2.5.3. Does it need to be done

2.6. Why Build

2.6.1. Modern approach Future Proof

2.6.2. Opens up NSW

3. DO

3.1. Communicate with

3.1.1. NSW State Development

3.1.2. Elon Musk

3.1.3. Mike Cannon Brooks

3.1.4. NSW Farmers Assoc

3.1.5. NSW Labour - Trish Doyle

3.1.6. Greens Party

3.1.7. NSW Liberal Party

3.2. Jeremy Buckingham /NSW MP

3.2.1. Jeremy Buckingham Parliament House Macquarie Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Phone: (02) 9230 2202


3.4. Purpose

3.4.1. Present the public with the facts and educate them and invite them inside the tent

3.5. Strategies

3.5.1. Pathos Need to save and protect the Blue Mountains eco systems Its the best way to open up the interior of NSW

3.5.2. Logos Appeal to Reason & Credibility through evidence Outline specific Goals Use historical Facts and infomation & appeal to logic -ie future proofing

3.5.3. Ethos Discredit the freeway & Heavy Rail options We are independent from Government


4.1. Publicity

4.1.1. Tessa Conboy NSW Media Blue Mountains media / Gazette

4.1.2. Social Media Facebook Twitter

4.2. Community meetings

4.2.1. Mountain Towns

4.2.2. NSW Regional Towns

4.3. Vision

4.3.1. The Blue Mountains in NSW are an Australian national Treasure In 2019 the Population of NSW is approx. 8 million with 65% living in greater Sydney . The population grows by 100,000 people per annum and Greater Sydney and Newcastle have the highest population density in the state with approx. 400 people per square kilometre. Regional NSW is home to about 40 per cent of the total NSW population, and produces about one third of total NSW gross state product. It is also home to resilient and adaptive communities and places of historical and cultural significance. With high levels of natural beauty and diverse lifestyles, regional locations are attractive places to live and work. Governments may rise and fall but big ideas go on forever. Australians want to know - and Australians need to know - how their life can become better; how life can be improved for their families; not in 50 years’ time, but in our time, now. Australia needs a revolution in the way we think, the way we boost the wealth of the economy for all our citizens. We have to reestablish confidence. Not tomorrow, but today. This increase in demand and activity will boost jobs, investment and small business profits. It will stimulate the economy and create more jobs.Australia needs a revolution in the way we think. We need to boost the wealth of the NSW economy, for all our citizens. The NSW economy needs to decentralise and move away from 'All roads lead to Rome' mentality. We have to reestablish confidence for tomorrow. This increase in demand and activity will boost jobs, investment and small business profits. It will stimulate the economy and create more jobs. The growing economies of Australia and New Zealand have increased the competition for human capital to new heights, making the process of talent acquisition and retention more of a challenge for Industry. Now, and in the future, understanding modern methodologies, technology, tools, techniques, processes and obstacles to be successful in human resource management, is crucial. Human Resource (HR) professionals have a vested interest in planning for the future and steering their organisations’ human requirements now and into the future in the area of People, Processes and Technology. Senior line management and company directors and principals also have a vested interest in understanding how to position themselves and their organisations as our society and economy transitions into the future.

4.3.2. TOURISM NSW Blue Mountains Visitor Statistics - Destination NSW


5.1. GoFund Me

5.2. Coordinators

5.2.1. Martin Conboy Bio

5.2.2. Susanne Rix Bio

6. Appeal to Common sense

6.1. Its cheaper to build in todays dollars as by 2030 it will cost 3X Times as much