Revenue Stream

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Revenue Stream by Mind Map: Revenue Stream

1. E-commerce

1.1. Traffic to website

1.1.1. Digital Advertising

1.1.2. Social Media Facebook Dosiin Pickit KOL Instagram Dosiin mag Dosiincom KOL Youtube Produce by Dosiin team 3rd party Human Resources Social media manager

1.1.3. Other Sources Email Optimize content to send weekly newsletter Partnership Partnership with company in different industry (Ex: Bank) to distribute Dosiin coupon as rewards for their customers Event / Activation Get traffic Networking event Workshop

2. Magazine

2.1. Offline

2.1.1. Get sponsor by advertising and PR big brands

2.1.2. Publish "Magazine book" and sell Topic: same as what we're doing on website

2.1.3. Produce quarterly magazine issue and sell

2.2. Online

2.2.1. Get sponsor by advertising and PR big brands

2.3. Nominate inspiring brands, people, products on Magazine

2.4. Human Resources

2.4.1. Chief Editor Copywriter News Reporters Account (Looking for sponsor)

3. Build Brand Reputation

3.1. Increase Brand Recognition

3.2. Build a Community

3.2.1. Customers Customer Retention

3.2.2. Vendors / Local Brands

3.2.3. KOLs / Influencer

3.2.4. People in fashion industry Photographer Stylist Model Creative director Strategist / Consultant / Experts in fashion industry


4.1. Generate revenue to operate Magazine Department

4.2. Contribute revenue to Dosiin company

4.3. Build brand reputation for Dosiin