Singapore Teaching Practice (CPEF)

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Singapore Teaching Practice (CPEF) by Mind Map: Singapore Teaching Practice (CPEF)

1. Positive Classroom CULTURE (DRITE)

1.1. Maintaining positive DISCIPLINE

1.2. Setting expectations and ROUTINES

1.3. Establishing INTERACTION and rapport

1.4. Building TRUST

1.5. EMPOWERING learners


2.1. Selecting and sequencing CONTENT

2.2. Determining lesson OBJECTIVES

2.3. Considering learners' PROFILES

2.4. Deciding on teaching aids and learning RESOURCES

2.5. Deciding on INSTRUCTIONAL strategies

2.6. SEQUENCING learning

2.7. Planning KEY QUESTIONS

3. Assessment and FEEDBACK (FAS)

3.1. Checking for understanding and providing FEEDBACK

3.2. Setting meaningful ASSIGNMENTS

3.3. Supporting SELF-DIRECTED Learning


4.1. Arousing INTEREST

4.2. Activating PRIOR knowledge

4.3. Providing CLEAR explanation

4.4. Facilitating COLLABORATIVE learning

4.5. Encouraging learner ENGAGEMENT

4.6. Using QUESTIONS to deepen learning

4.7. Exercising FLEXIBILITY

4.8. Pacing and maintaining MOMENTUM

4.9. CONCLUDING the lesson