Base Map

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Base Map by Mind Map: Base Map

1. Well location

1.1. Header

1.2. marker

1.3. zone top/bottom

2. contour

2.1. value of any properties at well location - not yet

2.2. value of an interval/zone at well location by header - not done for zone

2.3. gradient colour scale -not yet

2.4. methods for contour - a Mai ( decade method cho hiện tại)

3. well trajectory - not yet - a Mai

4. block boundary

4.1. boundary

4.2. name of boundary -not yet

5. well type/Production-not yet

5.1. defined icon for type/production -not yet

6. tool tip

7. focus rectangular-not yet

7.1. trước có mà nay bỏ rồi