her fashion scientist

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her fashion scientist by Mind Map: her fashion scientist

1. hyper somatic density clusters of life as a teen, smartest, best athlete, pretty, ugly duckling, physics kind of love story ever, like the Kwitstatz Haderach from Dune gets together with another genetic freak Captain Marvel for a lack of a more intense creative left handed Amazon genius in the rough.

1.1. Boo OHare was a strange girl. She was the first left handed person I ever meet. They have been outlawed since the Sand Wars of 3409, Humans came a milometer to destroying the planet harolding in the Tact Laws, population control, population rules & laws, wiping out a major of humans by what hand they used to write with, it was a dumbfounding problem it understand left brained humans, are a higher specie on the foot chain. Right handed people who had always been the majority allowed very few Right Brains to live. They were kept as a guide to evolution, understand, and solutions to aid the planet in sustainability.