Huot Hak Family by 2030

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Huot Hak Family by 2030 by Mind Map: Huot Hak Family by 2030

1. Work

1.1. Government

1.1.1. Spend litter time as a simple staff

1.2. Full-time work?

1.3. Consultant job

1.3.1. Evaluation or training

1.3.2. Translation services

2. Business

2.1. Investment

2.1.1. Shareholding with potential partners for instant with Mr. March

2.1.2. Land investment Buying land at Kampot with Chanthy Buying and selling flats gaining small income

2.2. Business at home

2.2.1. Vitamin shop/clinic

2.2.2. If possible to be small real estate company, Huot Hak Reality

2.2.3. Other possible business?

3. Family

3.1. Senghuot study on IT and Economic

3.2. Senghak in General Education

3.3. Another child?

4. Housing

4.1. Tourey's House

4.1.1. Renovate the house @Tourey to be a small farm and relax house for the weekend stay

4.2. Chak Angre's House

4.2.1. 3-bedrooms: Parent, Huot, &Hak

4.2.2. Small Home Office for Consultancy

4.2.3. One office for Huot Hak Reality

4.2.4. Ground-floor for Vitamin shop