IT Operation Manager

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IT Operation Manager by Mind Map: IT Operation Manager

1. Requirement

1.1. Bachelor's Degree

1.2. Minimum of 5-year related work experiences

2. Qualification

2.1. Hand-on experiences in managing the IT vendor team

2.2. Possess ITIL Certification

2.3. Ability to work independently

2.4. Strong critical thinking with problem-solving skill

2.5. Understanding in the retails industry is an advantage

2.6. Native in Thai and good communication skills in English

2.7. Ability to work well under pressure

3. Strengh

3.1. Adobe And microsoft office literacy

3.1.1. Adobe Illustrator

3.1.2. Adobe Photoshop

3.1.3. Adobe Premiere Pro

3.1.4. Adobe After Effects

3.1.5. Excel

3.1.6. PowerPoint

3.1.7. Word

3.2. Computer skill

3.3. Good at working in team

4. Weaknesses

4.1. I don’t speak English that well.

4.2. I'm anxious