The Ultimate Lightroom E-Course

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The Ultimate Lightroom E-Course by Mind Map: The Ultimate Lightroom E-Course

1. INPUT: Importing your images

1.1. How to import your images

1.1.1. IMPORT Dialogue Box and the 1 click import Previews Smart Previews Duplicates Existing photos vs new photos (SD card) Metadata Presets RAW&Jpeg Automated folder structure

1.2. Where to put them

1.2.1. Folder structure Topic vs Date

1.3. How to find them

1.3.1. Folders vs Keywords vs Collections folders Where you store your images Keywords Where you find your images Collections Where you work on your images (Purpose) Smart Collections Map Module Reverse geotag GPX files Copy and paste GPS coordinates Bluetooth pairing

1.3.2. Keywords

1.3.3. Culling sorting Stars system Compare modes Compare Survey Before/after Face recognition F - fullscreen Normalizing - Making quick adjustments for the cull Auto-adjust Matching total exposures Batch processing HDR and Pano's

1.3.4. Organization Filter bar metadata attributes Filtering and stacking images Missing files/folders Moving folders Syncronizing folder

2. Output: Get your work out there

2.1. Exporting

2.1.1. Watermarking

2.1.2. Preventing duplicate images Archival "master" vs dirivative

2.1.3. Compressing for web

2.1.4. Color space

2.1.5. Watermarking

2.2. Slidwshow

2.3. Photobooks

2.4. Print

2.5. Website

2.6. Portfolio

2.7. Client Proofing

2.8. Website Development

2.9. Online gallery

2.9.1. Automated order fulfillment and merchant service integration

2.10. Master vs derivatives

3. THROUGHPUT: Post-Processing your images

3.1. The Visual Roadmap

3.2. What makes an image "better"?

3.3. Demo - before/after


3.5. Quick breakdown of each of the sliders

3.6. Develop Module Panels & Tool overview

3.6.1. Solo mode

3.6.2. Auto Adjustments Adobe Sensei

3.7. Global vs Local adjustments

3.7.1. Local tools Crop Creative cropping Aspect ratio X to swap orientation Lights out Virtual copies Overlay Quick "spot" removal tool Dust removal mask Gradient tool Radial Tool Adjustment Brush

3.7.2. Features Edge detection Mask overlay Luminance masking

3.8. Presets

3.9. Syncronizing

3.9.1. Auto-Sync

3.9.2. Sync

3.9.3. Match total exposures

3.10. B&W

3.11. Virtual Copies

3.12. Sharpening

3.12.1. 3 stages Capture Creative output

3.12.2. Live masking

3.13. Profiles

3.14. Lightroom to Photoshop workflow

3.14.1. Roundtripping

3.14.2. Smart previews

3.15. Video Editing

3.16. Histogram

3.16.1. ETTR

3.17. Merge to...

3.17.1. Merge to HDR

3.17.2. Merge to pano

4. LR Mobile

5. Backup

5.1. backing up photos

5.2. backing up Catalog

6. Tethered Capture


7.1. Lightroom overview

7.1.1. Adobe Creative Cloud

7.1.2. Interface layout

7.1.3. What's a catalog? Previews Referenced library One catalog vs many

7.2. Classic vs CC

7.3. LR vs PS

7.3.1. When to use which

7.4. One catalog system

7.5. Setting(s) you up for success!

7.5.1. Hard Drives Catalog storage

7.5.2. Computer settings

7.5.3. Optimum settings - speed up Lightroom Automation Working catalogs Merging catalogs Keyboard Shortcuts Check integrity and optimize catalog

7.5.4. Shortcuts