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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analyze

1.1. Analysis of training needs and training plans. Why are we doing this training?

1.1.1. Instructional goals, audience, resources needed, skills to be learned, course goals.

2. Develop

2.1. Practical stage to create the course based on storyboard. Developing needs to match the design phase.

2.1.1. Prepare materials and activities, revise, refine and produce activities, produce instructor materials , add graphics, pictures and all elements of design to appeal audience. TEST accuracy of content by running pilot course to get feedback.

3. Implement

3.1. Courses come to life and students start learning. Instructional designer monitors development of learning modules and course. Makes corrections along the way if necessary.

3.1.1. Deliver training and provide help and support.

4. Evaluate

4.1. Get feedback from the implementation phase and make changes for future courses. Ask: were the goals set out in A phase met?

4.1.1. Use summative and formative evaluation methods to get feedback. Ask learners to complete surveys and take feedback to identify other training requirements and make possible changes. Use Kirkpatrick's 4-Level Model Evaluation to assess program. 1. Did the participants react positively to the program? 2. Did they learn the skills taught in the program? 3. Did their behavior on the job change as a result of the program (does it have real life applicability?). 4. Did the change in behavior affect the organization positively?

5. Design

5.1. Overview of the course design, storyboard and/ or prototype. Take practical decisions based on the step before. Strategic phase.

5.1.1. Create delivery methods, structure, duration, design assessment methods (formative and summative), feedback methods, evaluate duration of stages of course, write learning objectives, determine topics to be covered, create lesson plan, create learning activities, projects and exercises, decide media and resources to be used.

6. Evaluate and Correct

7. Evaluate and Correct

8. Maintain