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Legacy by Mind Map: Legacy

1. App

1.1. Marketing Campaigns

1.2. Features

1.2.1. Ability to tag & search photos and videos

1.2.2. Set photos & videos as Public, Private or Approved Single Access (manual approval)

1.2.3. Title and description for any added content

1.2.4. Backup person access Each account comes with 2 logins so that an alternate user can be given access

1.2.5. Automatically stitch videos together Profile Video Users are asked a series of questions to which they record replies. The system then stitches those individual videos together and mixes music and Ken Burns effect to compile a finished video that has a 'Documentary' feel. Life Event Videos Funerals Weddings Birthdays Education Awards Business Legacy Messages Memory Album Family Tree Private Videos Stories Facebook App/Login Set a reminder on any video to review/redo it Split-Screen Video Shareable Videos Length of video should be visible next to thumbnail preview Royalty-Free Music Send Invites within the app Message Center

1.3. Guided Steps

1.3.1. Profile Video

1.3.2. Memory Album

1.3.3. Legacy Messages

1.4. Sign Up Process

1.4.1. New User/Create Account Can create account via Facebook Plugin Can create account via phone number Information requested at signup includes email, phone, first name and last name Must be able to do password recovery via phone number

1.4.2. Profile Walkthrough Questions What's your name? Where were you born? When were you born? How many siblings do you have? What can you tell me about your work experience? What are some of your favorite hobbies or interests? If there is anything else you would like to appear in your profile video, you may record it now...

1.4.3. Request a Video

2. Legal

3. Mission Statement

4. Monetization Ideas

4.1. Private Videos Addon

4.2. Business Accounts

4.3. Additional Space Addon

4.4. Hire Local Videographer

4.5. Make Stories a PREMIUM feature


5. Resources

5.1. Website

5.2. Autoresponder

6. Avi Edit This