Navigating the Seas of SMES

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Navigating the Seas of SMES by Mind Map: Navigating the Seas of SMES

1. Analysis Why is this training needed? -A major part of any course development is coordinating, communicating, and collaborating with subject matter experts. Who is the target audience? -Curriculum Developers What is the purpose of this training? -To provide curriculum development professionals with practical tools to effectively collaborate with subject matter experts. Where will it take place? -At work as a professional development session. How long will it be? -One 20-minute session.

2. Design Course Objectives: 1) Identify key traits of different SME types. 2) Determine practical ways to effectively collaborate with different SME types. Reading/Presentation Materials: 1) The importance and challenges of collaboration. 2) Present scenarios to describe each SME type. Activities: 1) Small Group Table Time: -Analyze a scenario and come up with communication, collaboration, and coordination plan for a given SME type. -Share with the rest of the class. 1) Class discussion: -Whether any in the room have worked with that SME type and time to share additional suggestions that have worked from experience. 2) Review materials and craft a quick-reference visual document to be emailed after the session.

3. Develop -Craft scenarios to illustrate characteristics of different SME types: The Solo SME, the Team SME, the Stubborn SME, the Disconnected SME, the Ghost SME. (5 minutes) -One handout that paints a scenario for each SME type to distribute to each table for discussion and small group work. The table will have to determine which of the SME types fits the description and scenario. (5 minutes) -Class discussion where each table will share what their table's SME type was and practical steps taken to begin and plan for successful development. (5-8 minutes) -Review, final takeaways, and informing that a quick-reference document will be coming for future use.