ADDIE Model Mindmap

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ADDIE Model Mindmap by Mind Map: ADDIE Model Mindmap

1. 1) Analysis

1.1. 1) Identification of the problem - needs assessment, what is vs what should be

1.2. 2) Need or performance analysis - seeks reasons for the gaps found in needs assessment

1.3. 3) Task analysis or content identification - identification and validation of the content for training

2. 2) Design

2.1. 1) Develop Objectives - based on task analysis - provides direction for the rest of the design process

2.2. 2) Develop test/assessment - objective and subjective questions, testing for KSAs, performance measurement

2.3. 3) Identify learner behavior - learner analysis , intended audience, what they need and want, why they need it, environment and conditions they will apply the KSA learned

2.4. 4) Determine scope and sequence - based on the needs assessment, time required, number of lessons, topic area, must learn vs learn-on-need

3. 3) Development

3.1. 1) Develop Lesson Plan - must learn content, learn-on-need resources, determine method: classroom, VILT, elearning, video

3.2. 2) Plan activities and resources - based on objectives, course content, learners and method

3.3. 3) Develop materials - prepare materials, gaps in existing resources, plan should include: who, what, where, where and how in the development timeline to assure resources are available to work on materials

3.4. 4) Validate materials - pilot activities, content and copy edit developed materials, review against objectives and scope

4. 4) Implementation

4.1. 1) Instructional delivery plan - before the training occurs, facilitator prepares, info sent to participants, materials for class prepared, technology tested

4.2. 2) Training takes place!!

5. Continuous Evaluation

5.1. Formative eval in ALL stages of ADDIE

5.2. Summative eval - measure learner outcomes, attitudes and KSAs