Personal Learning Environments

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Personal Learning Environments by Mind Map: Personal Learning Environments

1. Critique

1.1. Provides correlation between PLE and learning

1.2. Increase learner satisfaction

1.3. Positive accountability

1.4. Raise student awareness

2. Problem

2.1. How do people learning with a PLE?

2.2. Are PLEs beneficial to students?

3. Purpose/Focus

3.1. Understanding a PLE

3.1.1. How we learn with a PLE

3.1.2. Benefits of a PLE

3.2. PLE deficiencies

3.3. Supporters

3.4. Research

4. References/Subjects

4.1. George Siemens, Connectivism

4.2. George Siemens, Knowing Knowledge

4.3. Educause Learning Initiative

4.3.1. Elearning Papers

4.3.2. International Journal of self-directed learning

5. Results

5.1. Connectivism- Theory and research supports the importance of a PLE connecting the way we learn. Knowing Knowledge- Supports how we learn, explores how PLE can be included in this, and understanding how learning is life-long connections.

5.2. Elearning, Educause, and Self-directed learning all focus on student investment and accountability in controlling the way they learn. Supporting a cross-trend into moving forward and raising PLE benefit awareness.