adipose tissue secretions

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adipose tissue secretions by Mind Map: adipose tissue secretions

1. adipokines

1.1. good adipokines sc>visceral

1.1.1. leptin endocrine effects - regulation of immune function - hematopoiesis -angiogenesis - bone development. known role in -controlling body weight -food intake thru hypothalamic p/ws -glc homeostasis primary fx is to -increase satiety energy expenditure thru axn on hypothalamus

1.1.2. adiponectin anti-diabetic liver: dec glc + FFA synthesis muscle: incr FFA Ox & dec TAG prod. activity incr @ insulin sensitivity & decr @ insulin resistance anti-atherogenic incr NO by insulin receptor of vasc. ep. positive correlation to HDL inverse correlations to LDL, TAG, Insulin resistance, & diastolic BP anti-inflammatory

1.2. bad adipokines visceral>sc except TNF-a

1.2.1. adipsin & acylation stimulation protein adipsin sc>visceral required for the prod of ASP both adipsin & ASP positively correlate with: -adipocytes -insulin resistance -dyslipidaemia -CVD acylation stimulating protein incr insulin secretion @ adipose tiss

1.2.2. resistin 15 times greater visceral > sc increases in T2D & insulin resistance; potentially linking obesity w/ insulin resistance

1.2.3. TNF-a sc>visceral; may be dependent on regional fat mass increase insulin resistance (liver, muscle, adipose) liver increase: -FFA prod -cholesterol synthesis decrease: -glc uptake -FFA storage

1.2.4. protein from RAS visceral>sc renin, angiotensinogen, angiotensin I, angiotensin II, ACE same target proteins as RAS in kidney>>incr aldosterone vasoconstriction is primary activity from adipocyte RAS liver decreased lipolysis increased lipogenesis, gluconeogenesis, glycogenolysis, insulin resistance

1.2.5. IL-6 visceral>sc 1/3 of Il-6 in circ is from adipose tiss primary fx increase insulin resistance (liver, muscle, adipose) incr hepatic hyperlipidaemia incr hepatic glc prod. dec IL-6 in CNS -> dec energy expenditure

1.2.6. PAI-1 visceral>sc inhibits fibrinolysis inhibits tPA TNF-a -> incr PAI-1 in adipose

2. steroidogenic enzymes

2.1. sex steroids

2.1.1. convert androstenedione to testosterone

2.1.2. convert estrone to estrodiol

2.2. glucocorticoid activity

2.2.1. control visceral adipose deposition